You may apply to a maximum of three participating universities with this application. Before you submit your completed application to the Florida Education Fund (FEF) office, please complete each of the following important steps:

  1. Learn as much as possible about each university that interests you. Each of the participating Florida universities has many strong departments/programs, but some may not be especially suitable for exactly what you wish to study. Discuss your plans regarding a choice of universities with your academic advisor and/or faculty in your field of study. Consult the graduate school catalogs of eligible universities at a library or request that the graduate admissions office of each university mail copies of catalogs and other pertinent information to you. Click here for the mailing addresses and telephone numbers of the universities. 

  2. Make sure the universities to which you apply offer the precise field of study that interests you. Click here to view the eligible disciplines in which each participating university offers Ph.D. degrees. Check each university’s graduate catalog to make sure that it offers the exact program in which you are interested. Also, click the "About the Fellowship" tab above to review the Eligible Fields of Study for the McKnight Fellowship.

  3. You should address specific questions about various programs directly to the departments that interest you. You will find them most willing to help, and you should feel free to contact them directly by letter or by telephone.

  4. Be sure you meet the requirements for admission to each university you select. Some universities and departments will not admit applicants whose grade point averages or standardized test scores fall below certain points, and some programs may request writing samples, the completion of specific courses, or other special requirements for admission.  

  5. If you already have applied to one or more of the participating universities for the coming Fall term, please indicate which ones in the space provided on the application. These institutions should also be included in your total choice of no more than three institutions to which you are applying with this application. 

  6. There is a possibility that one or more of the universities will assess an application fee. If so, you will be billed directly by the university. Should this present a financial hardship, please let us know.