CodeMasters offers engaging STEM after school programming for elementary and middle school students. See the CodeMasters brochure.

In CodeMasters, students meet at least weekly to invent and create through computer programming. They work with committed certified teachers and/or FEF's computer science Ph.D. Fellows to understand the basics of coding and learn either to create animations or games, program robots or drones, or build web pages and mobile apps using proven, Khan Academy, MIT, and other curricula.

Through this hands on exposure to STEM through coding, students not only learn mathematical and computational thinking concepts, but also gain insight into the inner workings of technology and learn strategies for thinking critically, solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas, a group of skills useful for everyone.

Why Learn to Code?

For the 2023-2024 school year in Hillsborough County, CodeMasters teaches robotics, game design, animation, and drone programming to Kindergarten through 5th grade students at 29 Hillsborough County Elementary School HOST After School sites and at eight Tampa City Parks. Click the map for location details, and contact a location directly to enroll your child in after school programming.

APPLY FOR 2024 Summer Programs

Applicants must be in good academic standing at their schools and must be able to attend all of the program days. To apply, please complete the form below and click the "Submit" button. After we receive the application, we will contact the student's parent / guardian with additional information.

If you have questions, please call 813-272-2772 or email Victoria @ FEF.

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During summer, CodeMasters offers engaging and intensive 5-6-week camps for elementary, middle and high school students in select Florida cities designed to expose them to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) through coding within the context of Web design; artificial intelligence, mobile app development; game design and/or robotics. Some CodeMasters summer tech camps prepare students for Digital Tool or industry certification.**

In all camps, in addition to exploring STEAM in action, students work with certified teachers and FEF's STEAM doctoral Fellows to review or learn grade-level academic skills; plan for middle / high school, college, or advanced training programs with help from counselors and college representatives; tour college campuses; receive career planning and entrepreneurship advice from professionals working in various STEAM fields; and visit cultural and STEAM-rich venues to add realism to their studies.

**In industry certification camps, students will be eligible to earn 3 college credit hours in certain majors once they pass their certification exams.

CodeMasters Web Design: Did you know that every single web page on the Internet is built with a language called "HTML?" In this class, students learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the building blocks of the web, and begin to design and develop their own web sites.

Artificial Intelligence: Are programmers developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications that will replace the job of someone you know? In this class, students learn how to build their own applications with AI and machine learning. They craft programs that train their computers to mimic human intelligence in image recognition.

Mobile App Development: How often do you swipe and tap your way through your favorite mobile apps? This class teaches students to create their own! They learn the fundamentals of computer programming and mobile app development as they design and build their own apps to run on smartphones or tablets.

Game Design: How much time do you spend playing video games? Students leave this class knowing how to create their own! They learn the fundamentals of computer programming and game design as they create their own 2-D video games.

Robotics: Looking forward to riding in a self-driving car? Students leave this class understanding the robotics principles that make them work! They learn the fundamentals of computer programming and practice applying the principles of design thinking as they build and/or program their own robots.

Academic Support: Students review the math, language arts and other concepts and skills they should have learned by the end of the school year.

Career Exploration: Do you know what it takes to become a web/software developer, teacher, doctor, or engineer? Students talk with professionals from a variety of career fields to learn how they can prepare to do what they do.

Questions? Please contact 813-272-2772 or Lyra @ FEF.

**The Florida Education Fund (FEF) & Industry Certification: CIW Authorized Training PartnerFEF is a CIW Authorized Training Partner.
CIW is the world's fastest growing vendor-neutral Web technology training and industry certification program for students and professionals and a standard adopted by academic institutions, governments and industry in more than 90 countries. The core CIW curriculum focuses on standards and job skills that enable the Internet to function and prepares students for careers in Web design, development and programming; e-commerce; database and network administration, data security, applications development, and gaming. As a CIW Authorized Training Partner, FEF provides Internet technology and job-readiness certification training for students using CIW courseware.

CIW Authorized Academy PartnerFEF is a CompTIA Authorized Academy Partner.
CompTIA is the leading provider of vendor-neutral skills certifications for the world's information technology (IT) workforce, validating technical skills in the areas of PC repair and support, networking, security, and server technology. Status as a CompTIA Academy Partner allows FEF to teach training content that aligns with CompTIA certifications and helps students develop marketable tech skills while preparing to pass CompTIA's highly-valued industry certification exams.


Prior to the start of all programs, FEF holds dedicated training sessions, during which our certified trainers coach instructors on how to teach the selected coding curricula. In hands-on classes, instructors work through the student lessons, create coding projects, and explore best classroom practices for enhancing engagement and facilitating skill development. During the programs, our trainers continue coaching and monitor instructor progress.

Instructor training

For summer certification camps, FEF hosts a week-long Instructor Training Institute at which coding instructors spend several days working to attain the Digital Tool and industry certifications that they will in turn spend the summer preparing students to earn.

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