This test is required by most colleges and universities in the State of Florida.  Therefore, you must submit a GRE test score to the FEF in order to be considered for the Fellowship award. If you do not have a relatively current test score (within three to five years), you should register to take the GRE as soon as possible and request that your score report be sent to the FEF by the January 15 deadline. Our code is 0054. Please take this code number with you when you sit for the Exam. If you have already taken the GRE, then simply write the Educational Testing Service (ETS) and request that your score report be forwarded to the FEF office.  

The computer-based GRE General Test is scheduled year-round. You are advised to register early to get your preferred test date and avoid the crowded testing period of November to January. For information regarding registration and appointment scheduling, please contact the Sylvan Candidate Services Call Center at 1-800-473-2255. Also, you may visit the GRE website at

You are urged to take the Exam as soon as possible. Normally it takes four to six weeks for score reports to be received. Within the time frame of the FEF application processing schedule, your file will be forwarded to the respective universities only when all materials required have been received by the deadline date. Applications not completed by the submission deadline, will not be considered. 


Students applying to graduate schools of business must submit scores from the GMAT. The FEF’s code is 0054. You should take the code number with you to the administration of the Test. You are advised to register early to get your preferred test date. Reservations for computer-based testing may be obtained by calling 1-800-462-8669. Also, you may visit the GMAT website at


Educational Testing Service
Princeton, New Jersey 08541

The FEF’s code is 0054.